- Increased natural SD for mage/druid/cleric. Increased damage for most offensive spells for

- ki punch damage increased to 500-700, ki cost lowered to 12, chance to succeed (not be dodged) increased

- decreased failure cooldown on crazed assault and blood fury to 1
- fixed bug where consecrate and desecrate were not damaging NPCs with level over 101
- fixed bug with how max players is calculated for who or count commands

- New system for choosing race, class and attributes added for new players.

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Immortal Bio

Immortal, Level: Urizen, Implementor

Nickname: Meatball, Swede

Immortal Duties: Slacking off. Old legends speak of coding, but who knows?

Age: 24

Interests: See hobbies.

Hobbies: See interests.

Favorite Chain Quote: My god carries a hammer. Your god died nailed to a cross. Any questions?

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