- Decreased lag to 1 round of combat if hitall skill fails.
- Hitall skill no longer makes you sit when you fail.
- Removed lag on locate object and identify spells.
- Randomized wands no longer have a random spell. Now only cost and total charges are randomized.
- Reciting a scroll of identify will no longer target equipped objects.

- Fixed clan code so imms can't make a clan with an invalid number

- Made changes to leaderboard and clan list to write port specific files for use on the website
- Desecrate spell should work now.

- Although we are not accepting donations for the 6969 port, traditional donations to
this port will be honored with a double plat bonus!
(Meaning, you will receive 2 platinum for every 1 cent of donation.) :)

News Archives

Dark Castle's Casino

Dark Castle is proud to offer its players a premium addiction experience.
This experience is now furthered by the addition of the:
  Platinum Towers Hotel and Casino
The casino offers a variety of games including:
    POKER (read: help POKER)
    SLOTS (read: help SLOTS)
There is also of course drink services and a spa.
The hotel portion of the Platinum Towers is currently under construction
and will be a fully functional newbie to mid-level zone when completed.
Wagering is available in various amounts of gold coins or, in the
Platinum Club rooms, in platinum coins.
Enjoy and remember to know your limit and stay within it!

NOTE: Using the casino is at your OWN RISK.  Losses due to crashes or
other strange occurences are not subject to reimbursment.

Dark Castle Features:
Auction House, Casino, Meta-Physician, Quests, Vaults

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