- Linode gave us free bandwidth and disk space upgrade.

- Decreased lag to 1 round of combat if hitall skill fails.
- Hitall skill no longer makes you sit when you fail.
- Removed lag on locate object and identify spells.
- Randomized wands no longer have a random spell. Now only cost and total charges are randomized.
- Reciting a scroll of identify will no longer target equipped objects.

- Fixed clan code so imms can't make a clan with an invalid number

- Made changes to leaderboard and clan list to write port specific files for use on the website
- Desecrate spell should work now.

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Donations on Dark Castle

  • Dark Castle is a free game for all to enjoy. We pay for and provide all the costs and fees associated with maintaining a quality connection and website.

  • If you would like to help show your appreciation for the game by making a donation, we reward you!

  • About Donations....

    Please contact Apocalypse if you have any questions about this information.
    Outlined below is information about donating to Dark Castle:

    1) Currency and Exchange

    • All donations are calculated in US Dollars.
    • Any foreign currency donations will be processed in US dollars.
    • We currently accept US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, and Euros.
    • Dark Castle does not charge any additional fees for USD currency exchange.
    • The minimum donation accepted via PayPal is $5.

    2) Items Available for Donations

    • Platinum Coins
      • Platinum is redeemed at the rate of 1 platinum coin per 1 penny donated.
        (ie. $20 donated = 2000 platinum coins)

      • Note: All donations for platinum will be placed *in platinum coins only* on the character(s) of the donator's choosing.

      • All platinum donations are non-refundable once placed on your character.
      • Platinum coins have no cash value and are not legal tender.
      • Platinum coins and other donations cannot be converted to any currency.

    • Clan Vouchers
      • Clan vouchers are available at a rate of 3 for $5.
        (750 plat value for $5)

      • Note: Vouchers are worth 250 platinum coins each only towards clan items.
        (This includes: clan creation fees, clan halls, clan guards, and other clan costs.)

    3) How to Donate

    • Dark Castle currently only accepts donations via PayPal.
      If you wish to donate via another method, contact Apocalypse directly.

    • When donating, please be sure to include the following:
      • A valid email address, real life name, and character name(s).
      • What you are donating to acquire and on which character you would like the platinum, vouchers, or items placed.
      • Email Apocalypse with your character name after donating.
      • Any PayPal service charges from Dark Castle in additon to your donation will also be reimbursed in platinum to your character.
      • When asked what type of purchase you are making select "Service".

      PayPal allows you to donate via credit card, directly from a bank account, or from a PayPal account. More information can be found at


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