- Decreased lag to 1 round of combat if hitall skill fails.
- Hitall skill no longer makes you sit when you fail.
- Removed lag on locate object and identify spells.
- Randomized wands no longer have a random spell. Now only cost and total charges are randomized.
- Reciting a scroll of identify will no longer target equipped objects.

- Fixed clan code so imms can't make a clan with an invalid number

- Made changes to leaderboard and clan list to write port specific files for use on the website
- Desecrate spell should work now.

- Although we are not accepting donations for the 6969 port, traditional donations to
this port will be honored with a double plat bonus!
(Meaning, you will receive 2 platinum for every 1 cent of donation.) :)

News Archives

Dark Castle's own Meta-Physician

The Meta-physician will offer various services for sale, not the least
of which is to exchange some of your gold coins for platinum coins.
You will need platinum coins to purchase any other services the
Meta-physician has to offer.
Type 'LIST' when with him to see the services he offers, such as how to
exchange gold for platinum.
Note also, that the Meta-Physician is only interested in your "current"
state.  Meaning, if you are wearing equipment that increases your mana,
hit points, ki, or moves, he will take this into account and charge you
more accordingly.  Similarly, if you are wearing equipment that lowers
these values, you will be charged less!

The Meta-physician will not respond to anyone simply by saying hello to
him.  Indeed, the Meta-physician frowns upon informality, and if one
were to use the short version of hello, by typing: hi meta, the
Meta-physician would respond with a quick and decisive harshness.
Note: You must be at least level 10 to use the Meta-Physicians's services.

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Auction House, Casino, Meta-Physician, Quests, Vaults

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