- Mortals can now give immortals NO_TRADE item such as Apocalypse tokens.
- Immortals can give mortals items even if the mortal has reached their item or weight limit.

- ki regen increases when resting or sleeping

- New command added: search. You can use it to search the object database based on search terms.
- identify command can now lookup based on VNUM with identify v####

- Fixed bug with leave.

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MUD Clients for Dark Castle

There a quite a number of MUD clients available for use, some are freeware and some are shareware.

The official MUD client of DC is Zuggsoft's zMUD as Zugg himself got his start MUDding on DC back in 1993.
It is a shareware client full of powerful scripting capabilities for the advanced MUDder.
Zugg also has CMUD available, another mud client which works in Windows Vista.

zMUD: Info | Download | Buy
CMUD: Info | Download | Buy

Mudconnector has a good list of available mud clients, should you decide to try others.

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