Welcome to Dark Castle MUD, a text-based online MUD (Multi-User-Dimension) set in a fantasy world.

On Dark Castle, players develop a character in order to slaughter monsters (and each other!), hoard wealth, complete quests, and to generally become the biggest badass on the block.

With over 100 all-original areas, Dark Castle MUD is a challenge to both new and experienced mudders alike.

Your ability will determine your fate!


- New command: config. It lets you set two config options currently. config color.bad=color name and
config color.good=color name. Example: config color.good=bright green
Example: config color.bad=magenta These "good" or "bad" colors are currently utilized by
identify command when it's showing differences between base stats and new stats.
- Fixed bug where identify was showing opposite colors intended for ARMOR affect. Lower numbers
use "good" color and higher numbers use "bad" color.
- Fixed bug where skill increase message showed wrong maximum skill value.

- Areas/helpfile/messages/skill quest changes copied from port 23/6969/8080 to port 6666.

- items marked NO_CUSTOM, QUEST or SPECIAL (godload) cannot be randomized this will shortly include
all items made by combining objects
- Staff object type now gets random total charges
- Potion object type now gets random level of spell
- Containers now get their object affects randomized similar to armor
- Fixed bug with armor AC-apply not randomizing
- identify now shows AC-apply - non-enchant modifier on armor and potion level randomization

- auction house shows prices with comma separators now. In the future I'll add separator choices for non-US countries like periods.
- no lag after running vend list.
- vend identify is now free and uses same output as identify command.
- Consignment vendor now advertises automatically, for free, if item is being sold for over 1,000,000 gold.
- Consignment vendor no longer charges a listing fee.

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Welcome to Dark Castle

Some of Dark Castle's original features include:

Connect to Dark Castle MUD with telnet or a MUD client.
Host: dcastle.org
Port: 6969

There is a secondary copy of the MUD running on port 6666 for mostly just bots or multiplayers to play on. Most players are on port 6969.

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