- 50% of the time attributes (str,dex,con,int,wis) will be randomized +1 or -1. Previously it occurred only 33% of the time.
- 31 additional affects on weapons will be randomized.
- randomization of values on objects is more random now instead of a bell curve like it was before.
- identify command will now show (base value +/- change) for all affects and damage dice for weapons.

- Identify now shows type of damage a weapon does.
- Additional telnet IAC GAs (go-aheads) sent during login to speed up login for MUD clients.

- New vote in progress. Type VOTE to see the question.

- Added new optional "all" argument to use with area builders' MPPAUSE mobile
program command. Example: MPPAUSE all . This will cause all mobile
programs for a specific mobile to pause for that duration in seconds.
- Fixed bug with daypass affecting wrong zone.
- Fixed crash bug that was affecting port 6666.

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The Races of Dark Castle

There are nine types of inhabitants in Dark Castle. They vary in size and abilities, making some suited for a melee path rather than a magical one, and still others suited for Ki classes.

Humans are the average race. They do everything well, but not great. They are the only race that is able to fit into any kind of armor.

Elves are slightly more fragile than humans, but make up for it with mental abilities. They cannot wear small pieces of equipment because they are somewhat taller than humans, though rumor has it Elves can focus their mind so well for a short period of time that no spell or ki ability will fail to be performed.

Dwarves are shorter than humans, and more sturdy. As such, they cannot wear large pieces of armor, but their experience with all pieces of metal gives them the uncanny ability to repair almost any type of item they can find.

Hobbits are very tiny inhabitants of Dark Castle. They can move quickly as a result, and do not like to be bogged down by big pieces of armor. They even have the ability to dodge being the target of magical portals for a short period of time.

Pixies are even smaller creatures who have developed their minds over their bodies. They are able to fly at whim and can even dodge magical means of detecting their position for a while.

Gnomes cannot wear large equipment. They use their minds and can cloak themselves for a short period of time to the naked eye.

Ogres are the some of the strongest creatures in Dark Castle. They are even able to wield two two-handed swords for a little while and decimate their enemies.

Orcs are darker cousins of the Elves. They can go into a rage filled with bloodlust once a day and attack their foes with lethal power.

Trolls are the largest beings in the land. They have the ability to regenerate faster than any other race for a short period of time.

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