- 50% of the time attributes (str,dex,con,int,wis) will be randomized +1 or -1. Previously it occurred only 33% of the time.
- 31 additional affects on weapons will be randomized.
- randomization of values on objects is more random now instead of a bell curve like it was before.
- identify command will now show (base value +/- change) for all affects and damage dice for weapons.

- Identify now shows type of damage a weapon does.
- Additional telnet IAC GAs (go-aheads) sent during login to speed up login for MUD clients.

- New vote in progress. Type VOTE to see the question.

- Added new optional "all" argument to use with area builders' MPPAUSE mobile
program command. Example: MPPAUSE all . This will cause all mobile
programs for a specific mobile to pause for that duration in seconds.
- Fixed bug with daypass affecting wrong zone.
- Fixed crash bug that was affecting port 6666.

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New Players' Guide for Dark Castle

Welcome to Dark Castle, newcomer! For specific help, log onto dark castle and type the word help followed by the item you want help on. For example, to view the information for newbies about equipment, type 'help newbie equipment.'

For those of you who have access to a web browser, you can get pointers on how to play at Dark Castle, plus get a feel for what this mud is all about. Type 'help www' for Dark Castle's web page, which you are currently reading atm. :)

If you would like some more step-by-step guidance type: help gettingstarted. There are helpfiles on virtually any topic associated with the game so be sure to check out as many helpfiles as you can, some of which are readable here on our website.

The following helpfiles have newbie related info:

Newbie Equipment, Newbie Money, Newbie Communication,
Newbie Shop, Newbie Areas, Getting Started, Channels, Toggle

As well, there are class-specific newbie helpfiles for the following in addition to the classes' normal help file. For instance:

Newbie Mage, Newbie Ranger, Newbie Thief, Newbie Monk
Newbie Barbarian, Newbie Paladin, Newbie Warrior, Newbie Druid
Newbie Cleric, Newbie Anti-Paladin, Newbie Bard

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