- Increased natural SD for mage/druid/cleric. Increased damage for most offensive spells for

- ki punch damage increased to 500-700, ki cost lowered to 12, chance to succeed (not be dodged) increased

- decreased failure cooldown on crazed assault and blood fury to 1
- fixed bug where consecrate and desecrate were not damaging NPCs with level over 101
- fixed bug with how max players is calculated for who or count commands

- New system for choosing race, class and attributes added for new players.

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Getting started on Dark Castle

  • Use a mud client (preferred) or use telnet to log onto the game by clicking the link under the main page of this website or by setting your client up to connect to the same ip.

  • Pick the name of who you will be playing. It can be pretty much anything that you are willing to be known by or live with.

  • Help rules will get you started with the basics.

  • Roll your character. You can consult the help files even in the screen that you roll your character's stats in. Help classes will give you a list of the classes that you can check for help on.

  • Your skills getting better (notching) is hinged on you choosing a good combination of race and class. Use the help files to determine what race will fit the class you are going to play best. Then attempt for high stat rolls in all of the important stats. This can take some time, but it generally means your character will have an easier time.

  • Once you log in, it's off to the newbie school for your first five levels. The newbie school is located up from the start room, called the Albatross Tavern. You have to advance to level 2 in order to save your character. You advance by finding your classes' guild (help guilds)

  • From there on, use help areas to explore the mud and find areas where you can find some things to kill. Good luck, and prepare to die a lot.

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