Welcome to Dark Castle MUD, a text-based online MUD (Multi-User-Dimension) set in a fantasy world.

On Dark Castle, players develop a character in order to slaughter monsters (and each other!), hoard wealth, complete quests, and to generally become the biggest badass on the block.

With over 100 all-original areas, Dark Castle MUD is a challenge to both new and experienced mudders alike.

Your ability will determine your fate!


- Fixed bug where auction 24H_SAVE eq caused time remaining to reset

- Weapon and armor items that were previously set to not save will now save for 24 hours.

- max connection limit increased to 20 (intended for port 23/6666)
- ki sing skill now has duration of skill/15
- leaderboard no longer ignores characters with over 20k hp

- Linode gave us free bandwidth and disk space upgrade.

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Welcome to Dark Castle

Some of Dark Castle's original features include:

To connect through your favorite MUD Client, point it towards dcastle.org port 6666 or 6969.
Port 6666 allows botting and multi-playing.
Port 6969 does not allow botting and multi-playing.
Most active players are on port 6969.

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