Welcome to Dark Castle MUD, a text-based online MUD (Multi-User-Dimension) set in a fantasy world.

On Dark Castle, players develop a character in order to slaughter monsters (and each other!), hoard wealth, complete quests, and to generally become the biggest badass on the block.

With over 100 all-original areas, Dark Castle MUD is a challenge to both new and experienced mudders alike.

Your ability will determine your fate!


- Fixed clan code so imms can't make a clan with an invalid number

- Made changes to leaderboard and clan list to write port specific files for use on the website
- Desecrate spell should work now.

- Although we are not accepting donations for the 6969 port, traditional donations to
this port will be honored with a double plat bonus!
(Meaning, you will receive 2 platinum for every 1 cent of donation.) :)

- If you were in the DC Fantasy Football League last year and want to join again, check your inbox as
invitations have been sent (twice now).
- There are currently TWO open spots for players for those interested.
You MUST know about NFL football and fantasy football AND be prepared to upkeep your team
REGULARLY all season long -- win or lose!
Email Apocalypse if you're interested in signing up. :)

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Welcome to Dark Castle

Some of Dark Castle's original features include:

To connect through your favorite MUD Client, point it towards dcastle.org port 6666

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