- Increased natural SD for mage/druid/cleric. Increased damage for most offensive spells for

- ki punch damage increased to 500-700, ki cost lowered to 12, chance to succeed (not be dodged) increased

- decreased failure cooldown on crazed assault and blood fury to 1
- fixed bug where consecrate and desecrate were not damaging NPCs with level over 101
- fixed bug with how max players is calculated for who or count commands

- New system for choosing race, class and attributes added for new players.

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More Information About Humans on Dark Castle

Humans evolve and prosper in many locations around the world.
Their bodies are tall and sturdy, with few defects.  In a sense
they are the most average and yet most adaptable among all the races.
Humans gain no bonuses or penalties to their beginning statistics.
They are the only beings capable of using all sizes of equipment but
because of their somewhat erratic characteristics and traditionally 
shorter lifespan than those of other races, they suffer a small
penalty to their maximum concentration (see help CONCENTRATION).
   Minimum Requirements: None
     Maximum Attributes: 25 Str, 25 Dex, 25 Con, 25 Int, 25 Wis
Race Creation Modifiers: None
           Height Range: 66 to 78
           Weight Range: 125 to 175
Innate Ability:  The ability to wear any equipment of any size
Note: Humans are one of only 3 races that can be Paladins or Anti-Paladins.

Races of Dark Castle Denizens
Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Pixies, Gnomes, Ogres, Orcs, Trolls

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