- Mortals can now give immortals NO_TRADE item such as Apocalypse tokens.
- Immortals can give mortals items even if the mortal has reached their item or weight limit.

- ki regen increases when resting or sleeping

- New command added: search. You can use it to search the object database based on search terms.
- identify command can now lookup based on VNUM with identify v####

- Fixed bug with leave.

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More Information About Monks on Dark Castle

Monks are ascetic wanderers and expert martial
artists.  They have withdrawn from traditional
life to find peace and harmony from within.
Though they can wield some weapons, monks are much
more inclined to use their lethal kicks and
punches in combat, particularly at higher levels
of skill.
Capable of tremendous offensive and spiritual
feats, monks are also an exceedly well rounded
defensive class.  Their defensive prowess however
extends much more from their speed and uncanny
reactions than the wearing of excessively heavy
Monks are one of the few classes which can harness
the power of mystical KI energy.
The monk's quiet life of meditation, strict
training, and tremendous internal focus often
surface through the physical rigours of a
SENSEI or the quiet mysticism of a
Minimum Attribute Requirements:  14 Con, 14 Wis 
Monks have the following ABILITY GROUPS and ABILITIES:
- Tiger Style (STR, DEX)  |  - Monkey Style (WIS, DEX)
Kick          - Level 1   |  Dodge           - Level 2
Ki Punch      - Level 15  |  Redirect        - Level 3
Ki Speed      - Level 27  |  Trip            - Level 5
Whipping      - Level 30  |  Martial Defense - Level 10
Hand to Hand  - Level 30  |  Rescue          - Level 12
Ki Agility    - Level 31  |  Dual Wield      - Level 20
Counter Strike- Level 55  |
- Crane Style (CON, WIS)  |  - Dragon Style (INT, CON)
Ki Purify     - Level 8   |  Stun            - Level 33
Eagleclaw     - Level 17  |  Ki Storm        - Level 35
Ki Sense      - Level 21  |  Quiver          - Level 40
Ki Stance     - Level 24  |  Ki Blast        - Level 45
Blindfighting - Level 38  |  Ki Disrupt      - Level 47
Meditation    - Quest 50  |
Ki Transfer   - Level 51  |
See help NEWBIE MONK for more detailed information about
playing this class.

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